The Day of Apollyon

Austin Macauley
Publishing Ltd., 2014
ISBN: 978184963504

England, 2032. For the second time in twenty years the government have acquired the Olympic Games for Britain, and hope to use them to divert attention from the host of problems facing this country. Social mobility has virtually ceased: the rich keep getting richer, and the poor poorer. There is injustice in the courts, a corrupt and useless police force, the health service and education are the worst in Europe, and the latest financial and economic crisis is looming.

In Ulster the troubles have reared their head again, while in Britain the government and police exaggerate the Islamist terrorist threat, and insist on pointless security measures to satisfy the public that something is being done. On the other hand multiculturalism has been imposed ruthlessly, and de-Anglicization of this country is almost complete. Most new laws are determined by the EU and the European Court of Human Rights, while foreign policy consists largely of toadying to the United States. Political Correctness means that freedom of speech has to all intents and purposes ceased to exist. Another huge problem is a worldwide outbreak of a new and virulent strain of syphilis.

Against this background of imminent social collapse a group of army officers plan a coup. For the most part they are simple men with a naïve belief in God, King and Country, who hanker after return to a largely imaginary golden age of the mid-twentieth century. One of them however is a psychopathic serial killer.

The central character, and the only one not seriously flawed, is Richard Tyrrell, a disillusioned former

SAS officer who now runs a wildlife sanctuary in the Midlands. Lonely, introverted and atheistic, albeit with a rigid moral code, Tyrrell has a ruthless streak which manifests itself in times of crisis. He jpins the conspiracy reluctantly, with deep reservations both about its aims and chances of success.

His misgivings prove justified, as the coup attempt heralds the Nightmare Scenario: the Day of Apollyon.

Just 18 years to go. It could still happen …