The Virgins Daughter

Olympia Publishers, 2008
ISBN: 9781905513536

Could it have happened here? The Night of the Long Knives, the ruthless plunder of foreign territories, Crystal Night, the Holocaust? If Adolf Hitler had been an Englishman, would he simply have been laughed at, as is often said? For many years we used to think so. Maybe nowadays we are not so sure.

When Jim Craven regains consciousness in hospital late one October afternoon, he is puzzled and confused by the world he finds around him. It is still 2005, but numerous things are not as he remembers. Society is strangely old fashioned, and the political landscape unrecognisable.

In particular, there is an English Hitler. A posturing, vainglorious, anti-Semitic upstart with dreams of world conquest, who achieves power lawfully, through the ballot-box. And despite the satirical humour occasionally enlivening this book, ridicule does not stop him.

A Nazi England, headed by an English Hitler, was indeed a ‘Virgin’s Daughter.’ It didn’t happen. And now  presumably it never will happen. But could it have happened?